About CUSC

Servicing credit unions nationwide for over 20 years.


  • Withdrawals
  • Deposits
  • Transfers in account or between credit unions
  • Check cashing with limitations
  • Negotiable instruments i.e. money orders and cashier checks
  • Notary Services by appointment

Organization and nature of business

CU Service Centers, Inc. (the "Company") was formed in 1995 by several Oklahoma credit unions to provide shared branching services for the members of credit unions that participate in the national shared branching system. As the operator of the Oklahoma shared branching network, the Company provides teller-based transaction services in six branches that it operates in Oklahoma and in 87 credit union branches it has designated as shared branching outlets.

ATM Zone, LLC ("ATM Zone") is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company that negotiates on behalf of its partcipating credit unions with a third-party vendor to provide discounted ATM and debit card services and surcharge-free access to a regional network of ATMs.

MemberHaven, LLC ("MemberHaven") is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company that was established and commenced operations in 2014. MemberHaven is an independent insurance agency licensed in Oklahoma and several surrounding states. MemberHaven sells property and casualty insurance policies offered by several national insurance carriers to the members of credit unions that endorse MemberHaven's services.


  • Allegiance CU
  • Communication FCU
  • CU One of Oklahoma
  • Fire Fighters CU
  • First Oklahoma CU
  • Muskogee FCU
  • Group Services Employee FCU
  • Halliburton Employees FCU
  • Municipal ECU of Oklahoma City
  • Oklahoma Central CU
  • Oklahoma FCU
  • Oklahoma Employees CU
  • True Sky CU
  • Oklahoma Educators CU
  • Red Crown FCU
  • The Focus FCU
  • Tinker FCU
  • Truity CU
  • Weokie FCU
  • TTCU The Federal Credit Union
  • University & Community
  • Western Sun FCU
  • Over 1,500+ CU’s Nationwide